IOCBIO Gel was originally developed for Western Blotting image analysis. However, it can be used for any sample analysis technique that would result in similar images. IOCBIO Gel allows you to determine quantities from the images and relate them to your samples. It remembers all your analysis steps and keeps the results of your measurements centrally. This allows you to come back, check the analysis and edit it if needed.



Software is described in a paper (see below) that gives an overview of the aims and the overall design of IOCBIO Gel. Please cite this paper if you use IOCBIO Gel.

Kütt, J., Margus, G., Kask, L., Rätsepso, T., Soodla, K., Bernasconi, R., Birkedal, R., Järv, P., Laasmaa, M., & Vendelin, M. (2023). Simple analysis of gel images with IOCBIO Gel. BMC Biology, 21(1), 225.