Looking for PhD student: mathematical modeling

We have opened competition for a PhD student position:

Mathematical modeling of energy transfer and mechanics in the

In heart muscle cells, energy used by most of the processes in the muscle cells is supplied in the form of
ATP by mitochondria. Within this project, you would be designing state-of-the-art mathematical models to unravel mechanisms regulating ATP production in mitochondria, selection of energy transfer pathways between mitochondria and ATP consumers, as well as working on mechanistic models of chemical energy conversion into mechanical work by actomyosin. As you will be working in an interdisciplinary laboratory you will have access to the experimental data measured on-site and will be given the opportunity to design and participate in the experimental work to support your research.


Contact Marko Vendelin <markov@sysbio.ioc.ee.ee> and Martin Laasmaa <martin@sysbio.ioc.ee> for details.

Apply through Glowbase

Applications at https://taltech.glowbase.com/positions/604