Mari Kalda

contracting_cellMy PhD project is related to mechanoenergetics of an isolated single cardiomyocyte. This study involves sophisticated experiments and detailed mathematical simulations.


  1. Pearu Peterson, Mari Kalda, Marko Vendelin;
    Real-time determination of sarcomere length of a single cardiomyocyte during contraction ,
    Am J Physiol Cell Physiol, Article in Press
  2. Mari Kalda, Pearu Peterson, Jüri Engelbrecht, Marko Vendelin;
    A cross-bridge model describing the mechanoenergetics of actomyosin interaction ,
    Computer Models in Biomechanics : From Nano to Macro, Springer, 2013 Part 2 91 – 102 ,
  3. Ardo Illaste, Mari Kalda,  David W. Schryer, and Mervi Sepp;
    Life of mice – development of cardiac energetics,
    The Journal of Physiology, December 1, 2010 588 (23) 4617-4619;






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