Marko Vendelin

I am the head of Laboratory of Systems Biology and Professor in Biophysics at the Department of Cybernetics. I have defended by PhD in 2001 (Institute of Cybernetics at Tallinn University of Technology). After continuing my research in the Institute of Cybernetics (2002), I was a post-doctoral fellow at Université J. Fourier (2003-2004, Laboratory of Fundamental and Applied Bioenergetics, INSERM E0221) and Université Paris-Sud (2005, Faculté de Pharmacie, INSERM U446). After the post-doctorall studies, I returned to the Institute of Cybernetics and, with the help of Wellcome Trust International Senior Research Fellowship, started Laboratory of Systems Biology (2007).

Research Interests

My general research interests are linked with the physiology of the heart. I am interested in regulation of bioenergetics, its link to mechanics and electrophysiology. As a part of studies of regulation of intracellular processes in the heart, I am studying molecular movements and how intracellular communication is influenced by local environment as well as different diffusion obstacles in the heart muscle cells. For specific aims and interests, see the general homepage of Laboratory of Systems Biology.




Laboratory of Systems Biology
Department of Cybernetics
School of Science
Tallinn University of Technology
Akadeemia 15,
12618 Tallinn

phone: (+372) 620 4169

Last Publications

Branovets, J., Soodla, K., Vendelin, M., & Birkedal, R. (2023). Rat and mouse cardiomyocytes show subtle differences in creatine kinase expression and compartmentalization. PLOS ONE, 18(11), e0294718.
Kütt, J., Margus, G., Kask, L., Rätsepso, T., Soodla, K., Bernasconi, R., Birkedal, R., Järv, P., Laasmaa, M., & Vendelin, M. (2023). Simple analysis of gel images with IOCBIO Gel. BMC Biology, 21(1), 225.
Risti, R., Gunn, K. H., Hiis-Hommuk, K., Seeba, N.-N., Karimi, H., Villo, L., Vendelin, M., Neher, S. B., & Lõokene, A. (2023). Combined action of albumin and heparin regulates lipoprotein lipase oligomerization, stability, and ligand interactions. PLOS ONE, 18(4), e0283358.
Laasmaa, M., Branovets, J., Stolova, J., Shen, X., Rätsepso, T., Balodis, M. J., Grahv, C., Hendrikson, E., Louch, W. E., Birkedal, R., & Vendelin, M. (2023). Cardiomyocytes from female compared to male mice have larger ryanodine receptor clusters and higher calcium spark frequency. The Journal of Physiology, 601(18), 4033–4052.
Birkedal, R., Laasmaa, M., Branovets, J., & Vendelin, M. (2022). Ontogeny of cardiomyocytes: ultrastructure optimization to meet the demand for tight communication in excitation–contraction coupling and energy transfer. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 377(1864), 20210321.

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