Mervi Sepp


I have BSc and MSc in engineering physics from TUT.  I defended my PhD on 22nd of August, 2013. My PhD project was about cardiac energetics and intracellular diffusion restrictions. To investigate these problems I use a combination of mathematical modeling and experimental methods. My experimental work is done on  rat cardiomyocytes, the models describing the ATP production and consumption  processes in a cell, are also used to analyze data from trout and from both transgenic and wild type mice.

You can download PDF of my thesis “Estimation of Diffusion Restrictions in Cardiomyocytes Using Kinetic Measurements” here. The defense presentation can be viewed here.

Illustration of intracellular energetic processes in cardiac cells.

Intracellular energy transfer


Branovets, J, Sepp, M, Kotlyarova, S, Jepihhina, N, Sokolova, N, Aksentijevic, D, Lygate, CA, Neubauer, S, Vendelin, M, and Birkedal, R (2013). Unchanged mitochondrial organization and compartmentation of high-energy phosphates in creatine-deficient GAMT-/- mouse hearts. American Journal of Physiology – Heart and Circulatory Physiology, 305(4):H506–520.

Natalja Jepihhina, Nathalie Beraud, Mervi Sepp, Rikke Birkedal, and Marko Vendelin (2011). Permeabilized rat cardiomyocyte response demonstrates intracellular origin of diffusion obstacles. Biophysical Journal, 101(9):2112-2121.

Mervi Sepp, Marko Vendelin, Heiki Vija, and Rikke Birkedal (2010).  ADP compartmentation analysis reveals coupling between pyruvate kinase and ATPases in heart muscle. Biophys J, 98:2785-2793.

Ardo Illaste, Mari Kalda, David Schryer, and Mervi Sepp (2010). Life of mice – development of cardiac energetics. J Physiol, 588:4617-4619.



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