Student team project: Software for protein determination

We are looking for a student team working on proteomics gel analysis software. The software is expected to take as an input gel description and photo images containing gel measurements. As an output, software should calculate image intensities in regions that the user can interactively select. The algorithms for that will be provided but need to be implemented by the student team.

Example gel image with the marked regions of interest for analysis

Software will be released as a cross-platform (Windows, Mac, Linux) open-source project. We expect that the developed software will have a major impact as there is no such open-source tool which would allow to analyze gels in a simple and reproducible manner.

It is expected to have GUI written in C++ or Python and using Qt (either widgets or through QML, subject to discussion). User should be given full overview of the analyzed gels and their images in a defined project. Data flow should support dedicated central databases for processed data and user-selected processing parameters (PostgreSQL) as well as work in standalone setup (SQLite). It should be possible to retrieve images from central database (OMERO) or local folder. Data export to spreadsheet should be provided. In addition to the software development, project would involve CI, work on installation support for supported OSes, and documentation for users and developers.

Contact: Marko Vendelin