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Vendelin, M, Beraud, N, Guerrero, K, Andrienko, T, Kuznetsov, AV, Olivares, J, Kay, L, and Saks, VA (2005). Mitochondrial regular arrangement in muscle cells: a “crystal-like” pattern. Am J Physiol Cell Physiol 288(3):C757-C767.

Movie showing effect of trypsin on a cardiomyocyte

T. Andrienko, A. V. Kuznetsov, T. Kaambre, Y. Usson, A. Orosco, F. Appaix, T. Tiivel, P. Sikk, M. Vendelin, R. Margreiter, and V. A. Saks. Metabolic consequences of functional complexes of mitochondria, myofibrils and sarcoplasmic reticulum in muscle cells. J. Exp. Biol., 206(Pt 12):2059-2072, 2003.

Model description

M. Vendelin, O. Kongas, and V. Saks. Regulation of mitochondrial respiration in heart cells analyzed by reaction-diffusion model of energy transfer. Am. J. Physiol. Cell. Physiol., 278(4):C747-C764, 2000.

Appendix with corrected model description