F2PY is a LGPL'd Python package and command line tool developed and maintained by Pearu Peterson (me).

Many people have contributed to the F2PY project in terms of interest, encouragement, suggestions, criticism, bug reports, code contributions, and keeping me busy with developing F2PY. For all that I thank

James Amundson, John Barnard, David Beazley, Frank Bertoldi, Roman Bertle, James Boyle, Moritz Braun, Rolv Erlend Bredesen, John Chaffer, Fred Clare, Adam Collard, Ben Cornett, Jose L Gomez Dans, Jaime D. Perea Duarte, Paul F Dubois, Thilo Ernst, Bonilla Fabian, Martin Gelfand, Eduardo A. Gonzalez, Siegfried Gonzi, Bernhard Gschaider, Charles Doutriaux, Jeff Hagelberg, Janko Hauser, Thomas Hauser, Heiko Henkelmann, William Henney, Yueqiang Huang, Asim Hussain, Berthold Höllmann, Vladimir Janku, Henk Jansen, Curtis Jensen, Eric Jones, Tiffany Kamm, Andrey Khavryuchenko, Greg Kochanski, Jochen Küpper, Simon Lacoste-Julien, Tim Lahey, Hans Petter Langtangen, Jeff Layton, Matthew Lewis, Patrick LeGresley, Joaquim R R A Martins, Paul Magwene Lionel Maziere, Craig McNeile, Todd Miller, David C. Morrill, Dirk Muders, Kevin Mueller, Andrew Mullhaupt, Vijayendra Munikoti, Travis Oliphant, Kevin O'Mara, Arno Paehler, Fernando Perez, Didrik Pinte, Todd Alan Pitts, Prabhu Ramachandran, Brad Reisfeld, Steve M. Robbins, Theresa Robinson, Pedro Rodrigues, Les Schaffer, Christoph Scheurer, Herb Schilling, Pierre Schnizer, Kevin Smith, Paulo Teotonio Sobrinho, José Rui Faustino de Sousa, Andrew Swan, Dustin Tang, Charlie Taylor, Paul le Texier, Michael Tiller, Semen Trygubenko, Ravi C Venkatesan, Peter Verveer, Nils Wagner, R. Clint Whaley, Erik Wilsher, Martin Wiechert, Gilles Zerah, SungPil Yoon.

(This list may not be complete. Please forgive me if I have left you out and let me know, I'll add your name.)

Special thanks are due to ...

Eric Jones - he and Travis O. are responsible for starting the scipy_distutils project that allowed to move most of the platform and compiler specific codes out from F2PY. This simplified maintaining the F2PY project considerably.

Joaquim R R A Martins - he made possible for me to test F2PY on IRIX64 platform. He also presented our paper about F2PY in the 9th Python Conference that I planned to attend but had to cancel in very last minutes.

Travis Oliphant - his knowledge and experience on Numerical Python C/API has been invaluable in early development of the F2PY program. His major contributions are call-back mechanism and copying N-D arrays of arbitrary types.

Todd Miller - he is responsible for Numarray support in F2PY.